About use

Antimo Bleu Yachting is a Greek company with incomparable experience in the field of marine tourism. Our Company is located in the heart of Zante Town!

Luxury & Sustainability

Founded on shared passions and love to the sea our team has gone beyond by inventing a Greek company working hard to create bespoke experiences where discovery is a way of life!

Our first business Astarte Group sets off its activities in travel industry in the early 2009 with the formation of Astarte Villas and Exclusives services by our experimented team!

With our expert hosts as a personal guide we invite guests to explore and delight in the possibility of each moment and create experiences that will stay for a lifetime!

Providing hospitality and services to our local and foreign guests we already know what involves in the field of hospitality and activities to explore the island in the best way!

The need of exploring the hidden places of Zante and nearby islands is a must for guests who want to make a step further! That was the time to found and own our Antimo Bleu Yachting Company.

Antimo Bleu Yachting has 3 privately owned motor yachts! Our vessels vary from 41 to 22 feet and are at your disposal 24/7.Our priority is the safety and security standards! 2 of our speedboats have the signature of Cranchi Italian designers and have the capacity of 8 and 10 persons on board who need to charter a yacht at an affordable price!

Our Philosophy

Inspiring a Lifetime of Rare Experiences

If ‘luxury’ is defined as a rarity, then in today’s society that means peace, time and space. Real luxury is about feeling the sand between your toes in hidden beaches or enjoying your cruise under a billion stars. We intend to provide real luxury and rare experiences that strike a chord in our guests’ hearts.

Our Team

Everyday life is filled with opportunities to seek the exceptional, encounter the new and widen our horizons. For our worldly guests, a charter of one of our speedboats is just one more chapter in a lifetime of travel and exploration. And we intend to make it an extraordinary one. Our thoughtfully designed and picked up vessels provide windows into the genuine luxury and comfort!

While on board travelers engage with the places, people and stories that make the destination like nowhere else in the world. Guests curate a lifetime of memories through personal experiences, as Antimo opens doors and enables journeys of adventure and indulgence.

Why charter a luxury yacht

The moment you step on board a luxury charter speedboat, your world is opened to the ultimate in luxury, privacy and freedom. Our experienced captains and hostess will lead you to a world of intimacy !

Tailored to the needs and desires of you with a professional crew dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience, you are free to immerse yourself in the luxury and relaxation of fabulous accommodation, breathtaking views, gourmet cuisine and endless activities, all enveloped by the vitality of life at sea.

Each individual charter speedboat is different, and offers a wide range of amenities on-board.

No-where else in the world can you experience watching a multi-coloured sunset from your private boat before enjoying al-fresco dining with your family and friends under an endless star-strewn night sky.

Zakynthos island, 29100 Greece